Make The Transformational Magic Happen—Build Trust Wherever You Go

Forbes 05.05.2022 1 min read
BY: Keith Krach
Make The Transformational Magic Happen—Build Trust Wherever You Go

If there’s anything we can all agree on in our divided world, it’s that we are a pivotal era, and big changes lie ahead. What’s at issue is whether those changes will advance freedom or authoritarianism.

At the end of the day, two things will ensure upcoming changes advance freedom: Transformation and Trust.

Being an engineer, I turned these two words into a single equation: Transformation to the power of Trust, or simply T2. I learned in college you could show an equation was true by a thing called a proof. Here’s a personal proof for the T2 equation.

Before anyone can transform the world, they must know how to transform themselves. The phrase, “Jump in water over your head!” really captures this well. The free world needs to be willing to do this—to think outside the box, to rediscover confidence in itself, and act accordingly. Taking risks and doing more than you think you can do is vital to learning the art of personal transformation. That’s the only way you can grow. The same applies to global transformation.

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