Playing for Keeps: China Has Made the Free Market a Fool’s Market

The National Interest 10.16.2021 1 min read
BY: Keith Krach & David Stilwell
Playing for Keeps: China Has Made the Free Market a Fool’s Market

We must never forget that the only way for globalization to bring the peace and prosperity envisioned by Tom Friedman in The World is Flat is to have a level playing field for all.

The godfather of globalization, Thomas Friedman, recently published an op-ed suggesting that actions taken to defend U.S. global economic security and prosperity could lead to war with China. He starts off by claiming that the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan left Americans regretting their decision, declaring that “If only we knew back then what we know now, we would have never gone down that path.” Then he raises the question: in twenty years, what current foreign policy decisions might we look back at and say the same thing?
His one-word answer: China.

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