Recognize Taiwan before an attack

Taipei Times 07.14.2022 1 min read
Illustration on the plight of Taiwan by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

China’s leaders got a little irritated at me the last time I visited Taiwan. Beijing flew 40 fighter jets over Taiwan’s airspace and declared me an enemy of the state. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) apparatchiks harassed the journalists covering the trip and writing about the Clean Network’s defeat of their 5G master plan through the deployment of the “Trust Doctrine.”

Now, China’s totalitarian twin and closest military and economic ally, Russia, is rewriting history, claiming non-NATO Ukraine is part of Mother Russia. Russian President Vladimir Putin is waging an unprovoked and bloody invasion, and has brazenly declared that any military intervention to help Ukraine would be a direct attack on Russia that justifies nuclear retaliation. Literally.

Most Americans were taken aback by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but we should have known better. We should have paid attention to Putin’s attempt to assert historical “legitimacy” as a prelude to his attack, which has led more than 300 corporations to frantically leave Russia.

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