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Prosperity Partnerships for Global Trust Network

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The Global Trust Network is a collection of networks that consists of multiple forms and lines of economic collaboration organized by sectors, regions, and industries. Forms of collaboration include commerce, investment, supply, chains, money flows, research, safeguarding assets, research, logistics, procurement, trade, policy, and standards. The lines of collaboration include sectors such as energy, healthcare, digital, agriculture, manufacturing, transportation, minerals, infrastructure, finance, space, and security. The U.S. is committed to fostering the Clean Network comprised of like-minded countries, economies, companies, investors, institutions, and civil society organizations that adhere to the set of Trust Principles. The goal is to include all countries and organizations as participants.
Countries that currently do not abide by the Trust Principles will be excluded from CN membership until they reform problematic practices and laws. No nation is excluded forever, and the CN does not require a country to choose between partnership with the U.S. and any other nation.

By forming this alliance of democracies, members have strength in numbers and solidarity to stand up to any nation that seeks to undermine our prosperity and basic freedoms. The power of the network is a product of the members’ collaboration and mutually beneficial actions.