Keith’s management style is what enables him to build a high-performance team. His ability to align the force vectors. You’ve got this workforce, and they’re not always aligned. It’s like a spaghetti chart, you’ve got people going in different directions—the forces are sometimes pulling against each other. Keith is the master at aligning those vectors and getting all those people marching in the right direction for the right cause at the right time. That’s not easy when you have a diverse employee base. If we were all cut from the same mold, it’s pretty easy. But when you have an org that’s like the United Nations, plus Woodstock, plus Wall Street, where you have all these personalities coming together within a company and you need all these different personality traits, how do you communicate with all those different people? And how do you motivate them each in their own unique way so that they lock arms and march together? That’s his secret to success, his communication. Spending time with the employees listening. Talking. Directing as a leader should, but also leading by example. That’s how he did it.
Chief of Staff at GMF Robotics, Rasna, Ariba & DocuSign