US Ambassador to Kuwait Alina L Romanowski

US stands with Kuwait to counter cyber threats

In a networked world, economic prosperity and the strength and security of our relationship can only be assured if we are unified in our approach to cybersecurity. Today once again our nations must unite as we did thirty years ago. This time, we must build our collective cyber-defense, against an enemy that may already be lurking within our critical systems ready to inflict damage not only on us but also on our allies and partners.


Keith Krach on building networks of trust

Stan McChrystal once told Keith Krach that he was one of the few leaders he’s known in business that we could put a uniform on tomorrow and be effective as a general officer in the United States Army. This week, Stan and Chris Fussell sit down with Keith Krach, the former Chairman, CEO, & President of DocuSign, the former Chairman and CEO of Ariba, and most recently, the Under Secretary of State for Economic Growth, Energy, and the Environment. They discuss Keith’s leadership across the public and private sectors, how to build trust in new teams, and why we should wear failure like a badge of honor.