Clean Network Documentary Part 2: The Clean Network

Zooming In China 08.14.2021

(中文字幕)Documentary: The American Dream Takes On China Inc. Part Two: The Clean Network

This movie tells the story of the Clean Network Alliance of Democracies, created by Under Secretary of State Keith Krach to defeat the CCP’s master plan to dominate global 5G. The first government-led initiative that proved China Inc. is beatable by exposing its biggest weakness—lack of trust. The Clean Network stands as a proven, replicable model to counter the CCP’s global economic aggression and a vital beachhead to launch initiatives to bolster U.S. leadership & allies across a broad array of strategic technologies vital to our future.

The Clean Network proved to be a winning bipartisan formula adopted by the Biden Administration as a global brand, well-positioned to challenge the CCP’s hegemonic ambitions across every critical economic realm. The Wall Street Journal calls Clean Network an undisputed success and perhaps the most enduring foreign policy legacy of the last 4 years. According to Bloomberg, Tech Titan Krach harnessed the power of a network of nations to counter China—a notable change in tone after years in which the administration pursued a go-it-alone strategy.

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Key segments:

0:00 Trailer

1:22 The Clean Network- Comprehensive approach to address threats posed to the free world from authoritarian malign actors.

4:10 A surprising announcement from the UK– In Jan. 2020, PM Johnson announces the UK will allow Huawei equipment, straining relations with Washington.

9:30 Hong Kong crackdown– China imposes harsh national security law in Hong Kong, making it easier to punish protesters & reducing the city’s autonomy. The US reacts swiftly, and public opinion shifts in the UK.

11:01 Krach’s listening tour- How do countries really feel about China? No one trusts them. Foundation for Krach’s strategy.

11:37 The rules of the jungle have changed – The big no longer eat the small. The quick eat the slow.

12:15 Krach’s three-prong global campaign to reverse Huawei’s momentum.

12:55 London Reverses course– China’s duplicity regarding COVID & crackdown in Hong Kong give rise to a UK ban on Huawei equipment. US stands with the UK against China’s bullying.

16:02 Clean Network Expansion – Five new lines of effort announced.

18:18 Building a Transatlantic Clean Network– Krach outreach to NATO Secretary-General Geoana, and friend EU Commissioner Breton bring NATO, EU, and 3 Seas nations into the Clean Network.

21:18 Winning over Germany – In a move not typical for Americans, Krach tells Germany using Huawei is their decision, but appeals to Article 1 of German Basic Law– Respect for Human Rights. Huawei is the backbone of CCP’s surveillance state– do they really want Huawei? Germany ties Huawei up in red tape.

25:35 COVID– As the pandemic rages, Krach presses on, but breaks off to safeguard his team’s health and personally charters a plane to bring his team back safely.

27:36 Brazil– CCP launches counteroffensive. After a string of humiliating defeats, China pushes back, pressuring Brazil to cancel key meetings. Krach rallies business leaders to win victory again.

29:54 Passing Baton to Biden Administration – The Clean Network accomplishes three key objectives: It proves China Inc. is beatable; It delivers an enduring, replicable model for competing with China Inc.; and uses 5G as a beachhead to establish an alliance of nations for all areas of economic competition.

31:22 China’s One Belt, One Road – Krach launches Blue Dot Network – adopted by the Biden admin & the G7 as B3W (Build Back Better World), as an alternative to China’s “One-Belt, One-Way Toll Road to Beijing.”

34:58 George Kennan’s Long Telegram- According to Bloomberg Krach’s Clean Network is to China what Kennan’s Long, to Telegram of 1946 was to Soviet Union.,

36:23 Two Coasts- Protecting American investors, and stopping China Inc’s abuse of US Capital markets. Krach has a plan for this. Stay tuned for episode 3.

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