Keith Krach 01.11.2020

A Friend of Keith Krach

Michael Brown speaks about Keith’s unprecedented swearing-in ceremony and why he’s honored to be his friend.

"I am honored to be a friend of Keith Krach. And it turns out that when you’re a friend of Keith Krach, he makes you feel like you’re incredibly special. He makes every friend feel that way. And he certainly made me feel that way. And I know many of you are feeling that way tonight. And this room just, you know, is just expansive in how many people are here for Keith. In September, I did learn when more than 300 of your best friends showed up for your swearing in that there were at least 300 other people who felt that they were just as close to you as me. And the State Department announced from the stage that day that never in the history of the ceremonial federal appointments had there been so many people at a swearing in as for Keith Krach’s, and they had to put up a security rope line for it. Some of you were there. I’m not making this up. All of which is to say I’m honored to be here tonight to help honor my dear friend Keith."

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