Keith Krach 01.13.2020

A Leader with Ambition

Michael Brown describes Keith as an empowering business leader with vision, respect, and humility.

"All of this is to say, as anyone that has witnessed Keith and so many of you here, because you’ve been part of his orbit for a long time, you know that Keith Krach is a force of nature. Two years ago, Keith invited me to join him at DocuSign annual momentum conference. Keith lit up the conference and he laid out a powerful vision for how DocuSign would lead the world to a magnificent change by having digital agreements ubiquitous throughout the world. It was a thing to behold. Keith is a movement leader and he builds community as well as businesses. He’s an extraordinary motivator who treats everyone he meets with respect. Somehow Keith, you know, everybody’s name. I have no idea how you do this through the remarkable things that you build. And his special brand of enthusiasm and business genius generates loyalty and commitment, excitement and shared value. And one of the things I know they’re teaching at business schools across the country is that in the modern times today, we’re talking about the tri sector leader, the tri sector athlete, which is what Keith is– that rare tri sector leader who is playing a transformative role in business through Ariba and DocuSign, a transformative role in the nonprofit sector through his leadership, through two terms of his beloved board of trustees at his beloved University of Purdue, and now a transformative leader as Under Secretary of State, where he is putting together transformative, big plans to protect and grow the American global economy and Keith, it couldn’t be in better hands when they’re in yours."

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