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Keith Krach 03.14.2020

A Strategic Global Economic Plan

Keith Krach outlines the Secretary’s charge to the “E-Team.”

Keith: "The reality we face as a nation is an ever-increasing cyber warfare and seemingly ceaseless variations of intense, even perhaps weaponized, economic competition. And both sides of the aisle truly understand that our rivals are playing the long game and they’re playing for keeps – and they fancy themselves as masters of a four-dimensional game of economic, military, diplomatic, and cultural chess. And, worst of all, they believe that they are above the rules. In this high stakes competition, there’s nothing static about superpower advantage. It can vanish in an instant – and there is no substitute for American diplomacy. To tackle this competition head on, Secretary Pompeo has charged the team E with championing the development of a strategic global economic plan as an extension of our national security strategy, reference challenge and we’ve started already. Our aspiration is that in this effort we will not only deliver tangible results in the short term, but provide a framework for many years to follow."

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