Keith Krach 01.15.2020

A Viable Global Economic Security Plan

Keith’s describes four pillars that are instrumental in what he calls one of the biggest challenges in the world.

"So one is to align the entire inter agency and everything that’s going on in the federal government, right? And as you know, that is perhaps one of the biggest challenges in the world. But, when you have a noble mission and a common enemy, and by the way, 100 percent bipartisan, and very emotional magic kind of happens, especially if you get people’s ideas and they support what they create. And you have a framework like a playbook. And so anyway, so much is judged on that in terms of speed. Then the 2nd pillar is to further strengthen our relationship with our allies and our friends. So, one of the things that we’re doing is former what we affectionately call titanium packages. Marc’s– you should have done a slide on that one. But as opposed to doing bilateral partnerships on like a one off thing here, you know, hey, we’re going to help you with some foreign investment here, some trade here, some educational things here, some aid here, so, why not put it in a package and why not do a strategic plan together? And that’s what we’re doing. And now, always, the question is, you know, all of Silicon Valley people know inventors are a dime a dozen. What matters most is can you scale Innovation, right? It’s all about how do you scale? Then the third one is for leverage, the resources and innovation of the private sector. This is one of the biggest untapped things. And this is the interesting thing for the State Department guys. It’s like, yeah, yeah, I go, “How do you guys do that?” Because in the private sector, we would try to pick a role model. You know, a company that we would really hold up on a pedestal for everybody and so I go, “Oh, hey, you know, give me some examples, you know, outside of energy and defense. And it’s tough for these guys come up with it. And then a group came in and I said, “Hey, I want to be debriefed on this subject.” And they “Oh, you’d be proud of us. We talked to the private sector.” And I said, “well, what companies? You go, boom, boom, boom. They’re the top four leaders in this humongous industry. And I go, “Who’d you talk with? Your government relations? Public affairs?” I go, “Well, you gotta be talking to the CEOs because that’s where the decisions get made.” Plus through the easiest, and you could be super prescriptive with them. And by the way, they want to be like you guys. Because these guys are patriots, too. 95% or 99% they just never had a chance to serve. Maybe someday they will. But as long as it doesn’t compromise their fiduciary duty with their shareholders. If you ask them a favor, chances are they’ll do it. Anyway, and then the 4th one is amplify good, old-fashioned American values, really democratic values, and make those come alive through the power of entrepreneurship, economic empowerment of women and, of course, education. So it’s really moved the ball in in that front and is better knows. I’ve never worked so hard in my life. Stakes are high. And big question. You know, we talked about. Are you gonna be able to move the needle?"

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