Clean Network Documentary Part 1

Keith Krach 11.22.2021

CCP on the Verge of Dominating 5G

The rise of Huawei was the fulfillment of decades of careful planning supported by the Chinese Communist Party. Huawei benefited from state protection against foreign competitors, billions in funding from the Chinese government, as well as forced technology transfers and well documented instances of outright technology theft.

In early 2020, the CCP was on the verge of taking over 5G — smartphones, utility grids, power generation, sanitation, manufacturing processes, Internet of things and more. Huawei, the backbone of the CCP’s surveillance state, looked unstoppable after announcing ninety-one global 5G deals. Both sides of the aisle hit the panic button. To turn the tide, Krach knew he needed to invent a new kind of transformational diplomacy that would combine the strengths of Silicon Valley and the State Department.

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