Confirmation Hearing

Keith Krach 01.24.2021

Comment from Senator Ben Cardin to Keith Krach, nominated Under Secretary of State

Nominated to serve as Under Secretary of State for Economic Growth, Energy and the Environment, Keith Krach testifies before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on March 27, 2019.

Senator Cardin commented on Krach’s opening statement: “Mr. Krach, I must tell you I have listened to many statements before our committee, and yours was one of the most impressive I have heard about your history. Certainly on entrepreneurship, you bring incredible talent to this position. It just shows that learning welding skills can do you well in life. So I might go back and try to figure out how to become a welder. But congratulations on your success.”

In his opening statement, Krach said, "I fully appreciate the enormity and gravity of this role, especially in a time where the reality we face as a nation is of ever increasing cyber warfare and seemingly ceaseless variations of intense perhaps even weaponized economic competition… If confirmed I will work tirelessly and strategically here and around the world to optimize economic growth, energy security, and the health of our planet, for the sake of advancing the interests of our citizens and maximizing our national security."

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