Clean Network Strategy

Keith Krach 10.25.2020

Freedom vs Authoritarianism — Fireside Chat on 5G Security & Clean Network at Bucharest Forum 2020

In this Fireside Chat at the Bucharest Forum 2020, Cristina Cileacu of Digi24 discusses 5G Security and Clean Network with Under Secretary of State for Economic Growth, Energy and Environment, Keith Krach, and Mr. Mircea Geoana Deputy Secretary General of NATO.

Under Secretary Krach: Freedom versus authoritarianism. And these technologies are tremendous enablers for authoritarianism. So it’s really about that.

And if you think about, I think with the magic formula is, and you absolutely hit on it, is building that alliance of democracies, that freedom coalition, that global trust network that is comprised of like minded nations, companies and civil society that operate under a set of trust principles.

We would call them democratic values in Europe and the United States. And those are things like integrity, accountability, reciprocity, transparency, respect for rule of law, respect for property of all kinds, respect for sovereignty of nations, respect for human rights, respect for the planet, respect for religious freedoms.

And this is for all areas whether it’s economic collaboration or security. And, you know, which was interesting for me coming into the State Department, I’ve had about 80 bi laterals with my counterparts, different countries.

And the 800 pound elephant in the room always is that China retaliation because people are terrified and companies are terrified of it. And you see examples of it all over the world. And the one thing that I do know is that when you’re confronted by a bully, they back down when you confront them back and they really back down if you have your friends by your side.

So I think if you look at this, exactly what the Deputy Secretary is talking about this transatlantic alliance and building allies, you know, in the Asia Pacific and around the world, there is strength in numbers and there is power in unity and solidarity. To stand up to authoritarian regimes.