Keith Krach 04.04.2019

I Owe So Much to Purdue University

Keith Krach talks about some great memories at Purdue, and inviting his dad to take a class.

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And I’ll never forget, probably one of my greatest experiences ever at Purdue was my senior year, there was a seminar on steel fabrication in the School of Industrial Engineering for guys out there in the business world.

So I get this pamphlet and I sign up my dad so he could take a class. So he came back to Purdue my senior year for one week took this class on steel fabrication. It was like, it was incredible.

I always used to walk into class where he was taking it and I had just taken that class and he’s just, this look of frustration on his face, he just didn’t know what he’s doing. So he always had me come over to the union where he was staying and help him with his homework every night so you know, little payback time.

So it truly is a great dream for my dad. I mean I feel really honored and I really would like to dedicate it, I’d like to thank my family for coming. I can tell you what I learned at Purdue has absolutely helped me in every part of of my life, professionally, personally; some of my absolute best friendships have come from Purdue.

And I’ve learned so much in the classroom and outside the classroom. So I thank you very, very much for this honor. Go Purdue.

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