China Surveillance State

Keith Krach 08.23.2020

Keith Krach: Chinese Communist Party Members Embedded in Key Companies

In this August, 2020 interview with Fox Business’ Liz Claman, Under Secretary Keith Krach comments on Chinese Communist Party influence within key companies:

According to Krach, "I think if you look at all these companies, they have members of the People’s Liberation Army embedded inside of these companies and their loyalty is to the Communist Party."

"Pony Ma, from WeChat has been very vocal. At the Communist Party’s National Congress, he stood up and he said, "Hey, we’ve got to control the Internet." So these guys, not only do they have to turn over that data to the Chinese Communist Party, but they also censor anything that has to do with Xinjiang, Hong Kong, all of that. And they have been doing it for years."