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Keith Krach 08.23.2020

Keith Krach — Comprehensive Effort: Clean Network

In this August 2020 interview with Fox Business’ Liz Claman, Under Secretary Keith Krach comments on the Clean Network initiative:

According to Krach, "it’s about more than just two companies, TikTok and WeChat. What it’s really about is three things. It’s about the Communist Party’s surveillance state and 5G is the backbone. These apps are appendages, as well as clouds. And so it’s also about that great China firewall where all data can go in, but none come out. And then all the propaganda come out. But the truth cannot come back in. And it’s also about reciprocity, because our apps aren’t allowed in China. You know, you look at YouTube or Google search. So this is part of a comprehensive effort that Secretary Pompeo recently announced called the Clean Network. And he announced the expansion of that with the launch of five new clean initiatives. So Clean Apps is one of them. Clean Store, Clean Cloud, Clean Carrier and Clean Cable — underwater cable."