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Keith Krach Discusses Economic Impact of War in Ukraine

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In this March 15, 2022 discussion with Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo, Keith Krach, former Under Secretary of State, discusses the economic impact of the war in Ukraine, and the possibility of Iranian oil entering world markets.

According to Krach, one positive result of the tragic war in Ukraine is that the conflict has united democracies in the west and around the world.

Krach comments that China, Russia and Iran are “the totalitarian triplets” who have declared economic war on western democracies.


Maria Bartiromo: It seems that the administration is counting on Iranian oil back on this market as it negotiates with Russia, negotiating on behalf of the US with Iran. The Foreign Minister of Russia earlier, Lavrov, said that we should expect Iranian oil on the market soon.

Keith Krach: Well, you know, if you look at Iran and you look at China and Russia, you know, it’s the totalitarian triplets in essence and these guys have declared economic warfare on the United States, on the West. And they’re controlling a lot of these things in terms of global economic security and ratcheting that up. And we’ve got to fight back. You know, the good news about what is going on, it’s so heartbreaking in Ukraine is that it’s united the democracies. We need to unite just like we did with the Clean Network alliance of democracies worldwide.

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