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Keith Krach 11.20.2021

Keith Krach Lecture at Stanford Graduate School of Business on Global Technology Security Strategy

Former Under Secretary of State, and current Founder and Chairman of the Center for Tech Diplomacy at Purdue, Keith Krach, presents a lecture on leveraging Global Technology Security Strategy to Advance Freedom.

In his lecture, he describes his mission while serving at the State Department, to take economic statecraft to the next level by developing and operationalizing a Global Economic Security Strategy (GESS) — which later became a bipartisan bill, The Global Economic Security Strategy Act of 2019 — aimed at driving economic growth, maximizing national security, and combating economic aggression.

Krach outlines his creation of “techno-economic statecraft” combining winning strategies from Silicon Valley and the State Department, to defeat the CCP’s master plan to dominate 5G.

Krach’s Clean Network initiative succeeded in reversing China’s momentum in 5G, and built an international alliance of countries, companies, and civil society, committed to a set of shared trust principles to stand together against China’s economic aggression.

The Clean Network ultimately succeeded in defeating China’s 5G plans, creating an enduring model that could be repeated in other industries; building an alliance that could stand together against the CCP’s aggression; and establishing a beachhead for all areas of economic competition.

The Clean Network now comprises 60 countries representing two thirds of the world’s global GDP, two hundred telcos, and a host of industry leading companies.

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