Keith Krach 04.04.2019

Keith Krach, Purdue Distinguished Engineering Alumni: Honoring the Man Who Inspired Me

Keith Krach talks about his father’s work ethic and how it inspires him in business and life.

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Like to dedicate this to my father. He was an entrepreneur. He had his own company. It was a machine shop. And in good times, max employment was five. And in tough times, employment was about two people and I remember how he used to answer the phone.

I used to work with him in the summers in high school and he would answer the phone, he’d go “Litco Industries, Steel Fabrication Division, John Krach speaking, how may I help you?” which, you know, taught me about market positioning, which you need out there in Silicon Valley.

And he, you know, he didn’t know anything about engineering, he would hardly ever go out in the shop. And he would always say, “Keith, you got to be an engineer, you got to be an engineer. So you can come back and, and build up, Litco and turn it into a, you know, big company.” You know, I’m not even so sure he knew what it was like to take a company public.

So he said, you know, go off, go off to Purdue, go study engineering.

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