Keith Krach 10.14.2021

Strengthening U.S. – Taiwan Relations to Advance Freedom Keith Krach 2021 Yushan Forum

The Yushan Forum is a platform for Asian regional dialogue that aims to promote multifaceted regional linkages and strengthen partnerships between Taiwan and its neighboring partner countries.

Founder and Chairman of the Center for Tech Diplomacy at Purdue (CTDP) and former Under Secretary of State, Keith Krach, addressed this year’s forum on the topic of Strengthening U.S. – Taiwan Relations to Advance Freedom.

Highlights of Krach’s address include:
0:00 Welcome
0:54 Responding to China’s amped-up aggression
1:52 The charge: develop and operationalize a global economic security strategy to drive economic growth, maximize national security and combat China Communist Party’s economic aggression
2:45 The CCP’s master plan for 5G
3:39 Harnessing the US’s three biggest areas of competitive advantage
4:11 The Clean Network Alliance
4:35 Trust principles of the Clean Network
6:27 Weaponizing trust principles to protect freedom
7:15 Results — 60 countries, representing two thirds of the world’s global GDP, 200 telcos and industry leading companies that turned the tide on Huawei.
8:24 Krach’s continuing China mission
9:25 Bolster support for countries who recognize Taiwan
10:16 Getting a win for the United States – TSMC — the biggest onshoring in history
11:43 Visit to Taiwan — highest ranking State Department official in more than four decades
12:29 Taiwan leadership President Tsai; Morris Chang
13:35 Goals: Economic Prosperity Partnership
14:11 Goals: In-depth science and technology cooperation pact
14:36 Goals: Free trade agreement — President Tsai lifting beef and pork restrictions
15:29 Goals: A trade agreement is about much more than trade
16:26 Next level of support — affirm respect for Taiwan and respect for freedom of the seas and skies and sovereignty and market-based countries and economies. TIFA, CPTPP, more official visits
17:43 My lifelong commitment to the people of Taiwan

Selected excerpts:
It’s an honor to be back with my Taiwan friends. You know what I’ve come to know in my 40 year career as a businessman and later as a diplomat that Taiwan is an indispensable partner in advancing freedom, and it demonstrates the power of free markets and democracy as a counterweight to authoritarian states. And I’m here because of my love for the Taiwanese people and the many friendships I’ve made along the way. We have a lot of common bonds, common values were built a similar stuff. Tough, honest, hardworking, creative and independent, and we’re both founded on the belief of freedom and the pride moving forward.

The mission was to strengthen global support for Taiwan. And my strategy, I believe strategy equals sequence–was comprised of six sequential moves. The first was bolster support for countries who have the courage to still recognize Taiwan. The second was to create a Taiwan win for the United States. The third was to build a foundation of trusted relationships. And then the fourth and the fifth that was to establish a formal economic partnership as broad as possible and then establish a technology partnership as deep as possible. And then the final one was to lay the groundwork for a formal trade relationship.

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