Clean Network Interviews and Commentary

Keith Krach 10.25.2020

Transparency & Reciprocity — Fireside Chat on 5G Security & Clean Network at Bucharest Forum 2020

In this Fireside Chat at the Bucharest Forum 2020, Cristina Cileacu of Digi24 discusses 5G Security and Clean Network with Under Secretary of State for Economic Growth, Energy and Environment, Keith Krach, and Mr. Mircea Geoana Deputy Secretary General of NATO.

Under Secretary Krach: I think we’ve got some great tools in our tool kit for that. The first one, I think, is transparency. And that’s why so many times we’re out there shining the light on malign practices. Because if you look at, for example, China’s Great Firewall, you know, all the data comes in for their own use, for their AI and everything.

But none goes out. But reciprocally, all the propaganda comes out. But the truth doesn’t get into these, to the people of China. And we love the people of China.

And by the way, you look at it, of a country one point four billion. They have over one point three billion that aren’t in the Chinese Communist Party. And so transparency is a big one.

I think the other big one is reciprocity because they have been not playing by the rules for a long, long time. And if you look at the West, we are free traders. But when you have somebody come into a market and it doesn’t play by the rules, the market is no longer free.

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