Clean Network Interviews and Commentary

Keith Krach 11.02.2020

Under Secretary Keith Krach Exclusive Interview with CNBC

On China:
Trust is the most important word in in any language. You do business with people you trust. You partner with people you trust. And it’s really hard to trust the Chinese Communist Party.

On Building Support for the U.S.’ "Clean Network:"
Citizens of the world have woken up to the truth about the Chinese Communist Party’s — I call it their Three C’s doctrine — of concealment, co-option and coercion. And these citizens realize now that the pandemic is a result of the concealment of the virus first, and they see the co-option of Hong Kong and how it’s eviscerated its citizens’ freedoms. They also now know about the coercion in Xinjiang.

What this has done is it’s given the political will to government leaders and also to corporate leaders around the world to stand up to that China bully whose doctrine is about intimidation and retaliation.

On U.S.-China Ties:
Here in Washington, on Capitol Hill, this issue is the most unifying, bipartisan issue of our time. Democrats and Republicans both. So it will be with us for quite some time.

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