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Keith Krach 11.14.2020

Under Secretary Krach on CNN Brazil: Trust and the Clean Network

In this November, 2020 interview with CNN Brazil’s William Waack, Under Secretary Keith Krach discusses trust and the Clean Network

Under Secretary Krach: If you look at our friendship, it’s built on trust. You know, it is to me, that’s the most important word in any language. You partner with people you trust, you buy from people you trust. We share common values. And I think that’s that’s the thing that’s eternal, regardless of what administration. And if I look at Brazil, you are a role model in the Southern Hemisphere, Western Hemisphere, you’re a leader. And I guess, William, that makes Brazil a global leader in the same class as the United States, UK, France, Japan, Australia.

And by the way, that’s one of the things that I’m here to talk about is the area of 5G and the Clean Network, because the Clean Network just wouldn’t be the same without without Brazil on that. And as you know, now in Europe, twenty six of the twenty seven EU countries are on the Clean Network. Thirty one of the thirty seven OECD nations are on the Clean Network. And by the way, I pushed really hard inside our government to make sure that we support Brazil in terms of being a member of the OECD and that Clean Network in this trusted 5G environment is critical. Last night I had a great dinner with probably 10 of the top Brazilian entrepreneurs. I also met with Fortune 500 companies that have big operations here from Germany, Japan and the US. And they said, look, we need we need these trusted networks to expand our operations. The entrepreneurs said, hey, we need this to protect our intellectual property.