China Genocide

Keith Krach 09.09.2021

Under Secretary Krach Warns on China Slave Labor and Uighur Genocide

In this July 4, 2020 interview with Fox’s Neil Cavuto, Under Secretary Krach warns of CCP’s use of slave labor, and escalating genocide of the Uighur population of Xinjiang.

Neil Cavuto: Keith Krach joining just right now, the Under Secretary of State. Secretary, thank you for taking the time.

This thing with Hong Kong is escalating. And what’s weird about it, Secretary, is this time the Chinese really don’t care what we think or the world thinks or how much they criticize, they’re still doing it. What do you make of it?

Secretary Krach: Well, Neil, first of all, happy Fourth of July and thanks so much for having me on. And by the way, this is classic in terms of what the Chinese Communist Party has done. They’ve really stepped up their aggressive tactics since the pandemic.

And I think citizens of the world are waking up and seeing that and understanding the CCP’s three part strategy, of concealment, cooption and coercion in these tactics. The pandemic is a result of concealment of the virus and in Hong Kong, they’ve sent in their Gestapo-like security forces, and it totally eviscerated their freedoms.

And I think what you’re seeing, whether it’s skirmishes at the Indian border or in the South China Sea, it’s just absolutely classic in terms of what they’re doing. And the list goes on and on, as you know.

Neil Cavuto: You know, I’m just wondering, I understand putting out a warning to US companies, be careful with whom you’re doing business. You know, I get all that. But again, we want them to deliver the goods and buy more goods from us separately on that trade deal. Would this kind of a threat or policy, make that less likely? Could it boomerang on us?

Secretary Krach: Well, you know, I think, first of all, the question is, our American values. And as you think about it on the Fourth of July and what we’ve seen over there in the concentration camps in the west of China with the Uighurs in Xinjiang, now we’re getting reports of forced sterilization, and abortion. It’s cultural genocide. So, you know, being a former CEO for 30 years, I wanted to send that letter out to all CEOs in the United States to go with a business advisory that Secretary Pompeo issued a few days ago and really to have companies be aware. They all want to do the right thing. But they’ve identified 83 brands that are literally using slave labor. And you know, what we’re asking them to do is do a thorough analysis of their supply chain as well as their governance principles and establish principles along those lines and also to be able to disclose it and use their leverage and do something about it. I think they could really affect that as well as financial institutions that invest in these companies.

Neil Cavuto: All right, we’ll watch how it all goes. Secretary, thank you. In the meantime, have a safe Fourth yourself.

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