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Keith Krach 11.14.2020

Under Secretary Krach with CNN Brazil’s William Waack: U.S. / Brazil Partnership & Friendship

In this November, 2020 interview with CNN Brazil’s William Waack, Under Secretary Keith Krach discusses the abiding friendship and partnership between the two countries.

William Waack: Undersecretary, we can now anticipate several major changes in US policies, particularly affecting the environment, which changes are you expecting?

Under Secretary Krach: William, I can tell you one thing that will not change, and that is the great partnership and friendship we have with the country of Brazil. And I’m really excited to be here to talk about those many issues. Obviously, the environment is one of those, and we love to partner with you on the environment. I know that I’ve had personal experiences where you’re able to share your beautiful country with not only myself, but my five children, the beautiful Amazon. I took my oldest son survival training there. I’ve taken my oldest daughter to Bombinhas for all kinds of scuba diving. So I think there’s three particular areas, though, that we’re focusing on very hard. One is in the area, of course, innovation. I spent 30 years in Silicon Valley and I think that’s one of the keys in terms of keeping this planet healthy for our grandchildren and and our great grandchildren. The other thing is that USAID, our United States aid, we’ve done a tremendous amount over the years helping you protect many things in the Amazones for sure. And then this agreement right here that we’re doing covers a whole host of things, land, water, air. So that’s not going to change at all.