Keith Krach 03.19.2019

What Inspires Keith Krach?

Keith Krach shares what inspires him about DocuSign’s success.

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And then I’m also thinking about, you know, this award and as you know, it’s great to get awards. But at the end of the day, as Brad exemplified in that last slide, it is about the people and our noble mission starts with people. And I’m thinking, all right, now I’m kind of in one of those, I don’t know if it’s a sentimental mode or what, but definitely inspiration mode and I’m thinking back about last Friday. I did five town halls up with a great team in Seattle, we had the holiday party, of course Metta and I were the last to leave because we liked it.

After all the VIPs leave, we like to dance like nobody’s looking. And it was amazing. So I’m thinking, all right, and I’m also thinking same thing Brad was thinking: Why did, everybody asked me a question, why’d you come back and be a CEO? And it really boils down to inspiration and what inspires me is to see people do things they never thought were possible and given opportunities that they never dreamed of. And if you think about what we did and Neil was hitting on those, when you think about the increased leverage we’re seeing in terms of the DocuSign Global Trust Network, beating our EBITA targets, our profitability targets by 30%, you think about creating this category that is perhaps the most strategic and potentially the biggest category in the cloud in a total untapped market and being the global standard of that, you think about our investors.

The most powerful public, institutional investors in the world are investors in us. You think about the technology, the most powerful technology company in the world, our investors in us and you think about how we did all of this in terms of becoming the global standard.
We just built a product that people just love.
And along the way we turned our company name into a verb.
I mean, as I wrote that piece, that is a legacy, that is an unnatural act.

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