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06/08/2022 Source:  Washington Examiner
Author: John Metz and Rory O’Connor 1 min read

Honoring the Uyghur genocide divestment movement

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China is committing genocide in Xinjiang
China's Uyghur genocide in Xinjiang must be stopped

It is often forgotten that democracy is not just a form of government but a way of life, and it is a way of life that Keith Krach has firmly embraced. It is, in fact, easy to be eloquent when writing about Krach, given that few leaders in the 21st century have so sincerely and fervently devoted themselves to peace through the defense of human dignity, justice, and freedom from authoritarianism. Through the force of his character and the nobility of his cause, Krach has distinguished himself as a singularly unique figure in the world, a man with “fire in the bones,” seeking to promote an active sense of solidarity among communities the rights and freedoms of which are affected by totalitarianism and working tirelessly to keep human freedom and dignity at the center of technological development.

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