The Ariba Legacy Built-to-Last

06.22.2017 8 min read
BY: Keith Krach
The Ariba Legacy Built-to-Last

  • Building a High Performance Team — develop entrepreneurs and leaders who would shape the next generation of Silicon Valley companies
  • Creating a Category — spawn an industry measured in the trillions of dollars
  • Establishing a Network — create a viral effect, making digital commerce the new norm

The Ariba Legacy Built-to-Last
My original sketch of Ariba’s architecture, drawn on a paper tablecloth at our team lunch in September 1996. My treasure — signed and dated by our team for my 40th birthday.
The Ariba Legacy Built-to-Last
Paul Hegarty’s Revolutionary walk-up UI

  • Increase the number of nodes — by adding Fortune 500 buyers and hundreds of thousands of suppliers.
  • Reduce the friction between the nodes — by creating an industry standard called cXML based on our Punchout technology innovation, institutionalized by a three-way announcement with IBM and Microsoft.
  • Increase the value of each node — by offering value added services, like Discovery, Spot Buy, AribaPay, etc.