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Purdue Tech Diplomacy Center

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About the Center for Tech Diplomacy at Purdue:

The Center for Tech Diplomacy at Purdue (CTDP) is the world’s preeminent institution focused on tech statecraft, a new model of diplomacy that bridges the high-tech sector with the foreign policy and national security sectors to ensure trusted technology is used to advance freedom.

The Center’s nonpartisan model focuses on rallying our allies, leveraging the innovation of the private sector, and amplifying democratic values based on trust. CTDP leverages Purdue University’s strength in innovation, deep expertise in technology and global prowess in educating transformational leaders combined with its uniquely qualified members’ battle-tested track record in building market leading high-tech companies, onshoring strategic supply chains, building global networks based on trust, architecting and operationalizing of successful global economic security strategies and applying Silicon Valley strategies to defeat the CCP’s 5G masterplan.

“China’s techno-economic aggression presents a serious threat to the United States and the free world, especially when it comes to advanced technologies, like 5G, AI, semiconductors, and others,” Secretary Panetta stated. “The key to securing freedom is securing high tech through widespread adoption of trusted technologies. The Clean Network pioneered a trust-based model for countering authoritarian aggression across all areas of techno-economic competition. I support the adoption of that successful model by the Center for Tech Diplomacy at Purdue in its noble mission, and I am honored to join its Advisory Board.”“Purdue is best known for its technology innovation and grooming values-based transformational leaders of tomorrow who have had a profound impact on the world,” said Keith Krach, Chairman of the Center for Tech Diplomacy at Purdue.

“Tapping into the genius of transformational leaders like General McChrystal and Ambassador Hormats is central to our nonpartisan mission of creating a new model of diplomacy, now known as Tech Statecraft, where trust is the coin of the realm.” “The Center has created the new category of Tech Statecraft by building the Global Trust Network that bridges the worlds of high tech and foreign policy in order to ensure trusted technology is used to advance freedom rather than authoritarianism,” said General McChrystal. “I’m thrilled to join the Center for Tech Diplomacy, which has rapidly become the foremost authority on securing freedom through Tech Statecraft.”