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The Future Clean Network – Alliance of Democracies

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The Future Clean Network – Alliance of Democracies

The Clean Network (CN) is comprised of like-minded countries, companies, and civil society that operates by a set of democratic values and trust principles for all areas of collaboration. It is an alliance of democracies built on the idea that strong partnerships advance shared prosperity. By harnessing the innovation, resources, and synergies of its members, the CN creates a unifying and equitable global framework for trusted geo-economic partnerships.

Tony Blinken: “When we’re working with allies and partners, it’s 50 or 60% of GDP. That’s a lot more weight and a lot harder for China to ignore. China sees alliances as a core source of strength for the United States, something they don’t share and enjoy.”
Krach’s team has executed exactly on that strategy by getting 53 countries, representing 66% of the world’s GDP, on the Clean Network and 180 Telcos on top of that. Krach has turned the tide on Huawei and the CCP’s 5G master plan.

And in the process, the Clean Network has also proven that China Inc. is beatable and most meaningfully, exposed its biggest weakness— lack of trust.

The Clean Network will be the foundation for building the alliance of democracies that the world has been waiting for because of its momentum, global brand, unifies allies based on democratic values, and adds a whole new dimension—leveraging the innovation and resources of the private sector.