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The US–China high-tech competition is modernizing American industries: an interview with Keith Krach

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Keith Krach, chairman of the Center for Tech Diplomacy at Purdue, was recently spotlighted by Kearney Consulting as a preeminent technology diplomat.

“The idea of competing with China as an alliance of value-driven democracies has gained tremendous momentum over the past four years through the architecting efforts of Keith Krach,” Kearney’s Drew DeLong notes in a new white paper.

Click here to view the whole white paper.

Keith Krach is an global CEO, Silicon Valley innovator, philanthropist and public servant, noted for bringing transformational leadership to multiple sectors, including robotics, engineering, commerce, education, philanthropy, economic statecraft and even the way people sign. Krach most recently served as Under Secretary of State, as the nation’s top economic diplomat leading America’s economic diplomacy portfolio and having the rare distinction of being unanimously confirmed by the U.S. Senate. He is also the former Chairman of the Purdue Board of Trustees and recruited sitting Governor of Indiana, Mitch Daniels, to be the 12th President.