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Infinite Power and Love

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Keith identifies his parents’ relationship as a “power of a real loving relationship.” Through waves of adversity, both his parents acted as pillars of support for one another.

“And I remember, it was his 40th birthday, and my mom and dad were sitting there having a coffee after dinner. And sometimes I’d sit on the steps. I was probably, I don’t know, maybe about 10. And he was crying. He goes, “Yeah. They always said, I”“ you know, I would be a VP, but I’m not.”_x009d_ And he goes, “Maybe I’m going to start a machine shop.”_x009d_ And my mom goes,

“Dammit, Butch. Man the torpedos. Full speed ahead. You know, I’m going back to teaching and I walk across the street and coach the boys”™ 9th grade wrestling team.”_x009d_

And, you know, I saw the power of a real loving relationship and they would do anything for each other.”

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