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One Team. One Mission. One Future.

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Keith Krach outlines the necessity of teamwork across government, key allies and the private sector to achieve the mission.

Keith: “Every element of our national strength must be brought to bear on this task. Our ideals, our entrepreneurial drive, our industrious spirit and our insistence on fair play. Not only for ourselves, but for other nations as well. And implementing an economic plan of this magnitude cannot be done alone, it is a team sport. It will require synergistic effects by all the State Department, all our agencies, the three branches of our federal government, as well as our state and our local governments, and perhaps most of all – our powerful private sector and our closest allies. “One team, one mission, one future”_x009d_ is not just a slogan. Here, at the State Department, it must be our way of work and our way of life.”

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