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Putin and Xi — Totalitarian Twins

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Former Under Secretary of State, Keith Krach, in conversation with Epoch Times’ David Zhang, discussing ongoing efforts of Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping to expand their power and suppress information in what has become a global confrontation between freedom and authoritarianism.

According to Krach, “freedom and peace are under attack like never before, and the main battlefield is tech.”


Keith Krach: What you really see now is the totalitarian twins Putin and Xi, right? Working and working together. Ironically, Ukraine was the second to last country that we put on the Clean Network. And we talked to them about, you know, this is a great entrance ramp for joining the Three Seas nations, for joining the EU, for joining NATO. And so, you know, if you if you look at what’s going on in Russia, I mean, they’re trying to shut down their Internet from their citizens because they don’t want them to see the horrendous destruction of that country. And most of all, they don’t want to see the courageousness of their people that has inspired democracies everywhere to be unified.

And if you look at what Xi’s done with what I call the great one way China Firewall, where all the data comes in for their own purposes, but none of the data goes out and reciprocally, all the propaganda goes out, but the truth does not come in. So they’ve in essence, already created a separate Internet in China. And so now it’s like, can they bring Russia into that sphere?

And I think one of the things that was clear as a bell to me as we traveled around the world is that Xi is exporting “dictator out of the box” with his surveillance system and their surveillance tools and Huawei serves as a backbone for that and the appendages that come off that, it’s like cloud computing. It’s like the different apps it’s, you know, the cable companies, the underwater cable. Now they’re going after currency, so this is a big deal. And so right now, freedom and peace are under attack like never before, and the world is seeing that. And the main battlefield is tech.

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