December 09, 2021

Krach’s Jujitsu Move: Weaponize the Trust Principles China was Abusing to Defeat their Plans for 5G

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In a discussion about Harvard Business School’s case study on the Clean Network, former Under Secretary of State, Keith Krach, describes how his team used the very trust principles that China had been abusing, to turn the tables on them and defeat their master plan for 5G.

Respect for: Rule of Law, Property, Sovereignty of Nations, Press, Human Rights, the Planet; Accountability, Integrity, Transparency, Reciprocity. These are the democratic trust principles China has been abusing for years to gain unfair advantage.

By building a Clean Network of like-minded countries, companies and civil society who are committed to these principles, Krach was able to turn the tide on China’s plans for 5G. Clean Network members essentially say, “If you’re not willing to adhere to these principles, you can’t participate in the market.” That’s 2/3 of global GDP.

So China has a choice. Reform, or be excluded.

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